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Generally, a product defect is an imperfection, often so bad that the product cannot be used safely. For motor vehicles in particular, state “lemon laws” distinguish between a substantial defect and a minor defect.

minor defect is one that does not prevent the driver from driving the car. For example, loose radio knobs and door handles would be considered minor defects, and would be unlikely to cause an accident.

substantial defect is a problem covered by the car’s warranty that impairs the car’s use, value, or safety, such as faulty brakes or steering – and trust us when we say that these do cause serious accidents.

If a defective auto part caused your accident and resulting injuries, we at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, don’t believe that you should have to pay for it. For a free consultation about your legal rights and options, give us a call.

Lemon Law in Illinois

All states have some form of “lemon laws,” which are designed to protect consumers against seriously flawed new vehicles. If an Illinois consumer purchases a new vehicle that has a flaw that cannot be repaired, he or she is entitled to a refund or replacement.

In Illinois, new cars, light trucks, RVs, and vehicles less than one year old or within 12,000 miles are covered under the law. Used cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and vehicles that have been modified or altered are not covered.

Even though it’s the law, you may still have issues getting your rightful compensation from the “lemon” car manufacturer. In this case, an Belleville product liability lawyer can walk you through the law, make sure your vehicle qualifies, help you build your case, and ensure that the auto manufacturer isn’t shortchanging you on a faulty vehicle.

Recent Defects and Recalls

In recent years, auto manufacturers have recalled a higher number of vehicles and are recalling vehicles more quickly after defects are found… though not always before people are hurt. (Takata airbags, anyone?) This is a good move for the industry, as it reduces scandal for the manufacturers and increases consumer safety. Becoming familiar with some of these recent recalls should give you a good picture of what kind of defects can occur:

  • Fiat Chrysler recalled almost four million vehicles in 2017. The manufacturer discovered that situations such as off-roading could cause the roll-rate-sensing system to activate a diagnostic trouble code and disable the car’s ability to detect a rollover.
  • Honda recalled approximately 3.3 million vehicles in 2017. One of its big issues involved the Accord model. Gaps in the plastic case covering the battery sensor allowed moisture to get into the case and come into contact with the sensor.
  • Ford recalled 1.1 million F-Series pickup trucks in 2017 for bent or kinked door actuator cables and door latches that could freeze after water gets into them, trapping someone inside the cab.

Who Is Liable?

Defectively manufactured vehicles fall under the umbrella of product liability law. This is the area of law in which all parties along the chain of manufacture of a product are held responsible for damage caused by that product.

When it comes to auto manufacturing, this chain of distribution usually involves the manufacturer, parts manufacturer, car dealership or automotive supply shop, middleman or shipper, and potentially a used car dealer. Any of these parties, or a combination of them, could be considered liable for your injuries, depending on what went wrong.

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