Belleville Car Accident Lawyer

A severe injury caused by an unexpected car accident can prevent you from living the life you are accustomed to for weeks or even months. When a car accident occurs, your body can be moved at high speeds, resulting in muscle sprains, broken bones, bruises, whiplash and other severe injuries. It is common to require extensive medical care to help you recover from automobile accident injuries. If you have been in car accident caused by somebody’s negligence, even if it was during a rideshare or carpooling service, you can seek compensation to help cover the cost of your recovery.

Once you have received medical attention, you should speak to car accident lawyers in Belleville. They can hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries. Use our dedicated law firm to seek legal advice and recover compensation in Madison County. To speak to experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorneys in Belleville, IL, call Hipskind and McAninch Attorneys.

Ways Drivers Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents 

An automobile accident can happen for a vast number of reasons. However, the majority of accidents are caused by driver error. According to the Illinois DOT Division of Traffic Safety, there were 1,076 crashes and 13 fatalities in the city of Belleville in the year 2018. Our page for crash statistics for this city can be found here.

Some examples of how a motor vehicle accident occurs include the following:

Distracted Driving

Many drivers have a bad habit of frequently texting while driving. In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to talk on or hold a phone or any other electronic device while driving. Instead, hand-free methods, such as a headset or using speaker mode, are required. Distracted drivers who take their eyes off the road quickly increase the risk of causing a terrible accident. Drivers can also be distracted by other occupants in the car, such as small children, or by doing activities that take their attention away from the road. Driving while distracted can lead to many different kinds of accidents occurring such as a rear end accident, or driving out of the lane.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive drivers are infamous for causing accidents due to reckless behavior. Aggressive drivers are susceptible to “road rage,” which can put the lives of other drivers in danger. When driving aggressively, drivers may brake check, tailgate, cut off, block, and weave through traffic. This behavior is distracting and makes it difficult for other drivers to anticipate and predict their movements. 


Drivers who speed put lives at risk because they are more likely to run red lights, fail to pause at stop signs and collide with turning vehicles. Speeding vehicles are unable to slow down quickly or stop before hitting another vehicle. Other drivers also do not have the opportunity to avoid a collision because the speeding vehicle is moving too quickly for a reaction. Speeding drivers require a much longer distance to slow down; it can often require twice as much distance to stop. 

Failing to Yielding

Car drivers that fail to yield when required can be the cause of a traffic accident. For example, if a car is merging onto a highway and they do not yield to vehicles already on the road, the merging car could collide with other vehicles moving much faster than them. Other places where drivers should yield are roundabouts, intersections, and other places where cars converge onto the road. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs

One of the biggest mistakes a car driver can make is by ignoring traffic signs. Running red lights can cause T-bone accidents which often result in catastrophic injuries. Ignoring signs can also cause drivers to hit pedestrians.

Substance Abuse

Another major contribution to negligent driving is substance abuse. Car drivers with a blood alcohol toxicity of over 0.08% should not be driving because it is illegal. Being intoxicated causes drivers to have impaired driving skills. So much so, that there are even laws regarding the sale of alcohol for someone who is clearly intoxicated.

Additionally, drug use of any kind must be avoided before driving. This applies to prescription medicine, which can make a driver sleepy or impaired.

Drowsy Driving

Auto accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are fatigued. Drivers can micro-sleep without realizing it, meaning they fall asleep temporarily for a few seconds before waking up. Sheer exhaustion and fatigue make it difficult for a driver to notice what is happening around them. 

Defective Vehicle

Poorly maintained vehicles or vehicles with a manufacturer’s defect can result in an accident. If a car malfunctions, it can lose control and move into the path of other drivers. Manufacturers’ defects have resulted in thousands of fatal car accidents. 

Belleville Car Accident Victims FAQs

It is a difficult experience being injured in a car accident. You can rely on your attorney to provide you with the information and advice you need. 

What Are Damages That I Can Claim In My Car Accident?

With the help of a car accident attorney, you can obtain compensation from the negligent party. This includes medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and property damage.

How Do I Choose Between A Lawsuit And A Settlement Claim?

You may be thinking about filing a car accident lawsuit. However, the negligent party will most likely settle outside of court. 

Why Is A Settlement Is Better Than A Lawsuit?

Even if you file a car accident lawsuit, the court would assign a mediation meeting for you and the other involved parties. If you and the other party are unable to come to a resolution, then you would be assigned a trial date.

What Happens If I File A Lawsuit?

 Filing a lawsuit will result in receiving your settlement at a much later date. The court, your attorney, and the other party will go through the discovery process to investigate the car accident claim. This requires time, which is why filing a lawsuit takes longer than filing a settlement claim. 

How Is The Settlement Paid?

In most car accident cases, the settlement will be paid by the other party’s car insurance company. Settlements are paid in a lump sum amount and typically arrive as a check.

What If A Third Party Is At Fault?

If the accident was due to a manufacturer’s defect, you would receive compensation from the manufacturer’s insurer. In the case the car accident was caused by a construction accident or poorly maintained road, compensation would be provided by the local government. 

What Are The Attorney’s Fees?

Hipskind and McAninch car accident lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis. This means they receive their payment after you have received a settlement award. Your attorney takes a percentage of your settlement after you receive it. You are not required to pay any upfront costs. Attorneys provide resources and guide you while they are working to win your case. 

What Are Steps To Take After I Have Been In A Belleville Car Accident?

Car accidents happen in a flash and can leave you completely confused. You need to reach out to authorities, get medical help, collect evidence, and speak to our law firm.

Why Speak To Car Accident Attorneys?

To get started on your car accident claim, your attorney will begin the process of investigating your case. They also represent your best interest when negotiating your personal injury claim so you receive maximum compensation.

What Car Accident Attorneys Do In Detail

 Our law firm attorneys will perform the following tasks:

Reviewing Photographic Evidence

Your car accident lawyer will analyze the images you provided so they can understand how the motor vehicle accident happened. They can look at the dents and the positioning of the vehicles to help determine how the other driver was at fault. 

Obtaining Traffic Camera Footage

Because of their knowledge of traffic law, your attorney can use the footage to see how the other driver violated a rule. They may notice the other driver performed an illegal lane change maneuver or was swaying erratically. They can use this information as proof of how the other driver was being negligent. 

Reviewing Your Police Report

Your police report may have clues about your injuries. For example, the police may have noticed the other driver had bloodshot eyes and was yawning a lot. In this scenario, your attorney can demonstrate the other driver was drowsy, preventing them from paying attention to the road.

Analyzing Your Medical Expenses

Medical bills are proof you were injured and exhibit the extent of your injuries. If you require surgery, physical therapy, several treatments, and other medical services, your attorney can use this to support your claim. Your medical expenses also help your attorney determine your multiplier for estimating pain and suffering damages. 

Calculating Your Damages

Attorneys accurately estimate damages so you are not underpaid. Insurance companies often offer a smaller lump sum than you deserve. Your car accident attorney can estimate economic and non-economic damages to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your damages. 

Filing Subpoenas 

If the attorney suspects the other driver was texting and driving, they may file a subpoena against the other driver’s cell-phone provider. This allows them to obtain information from the cell-phone usage history to see if the driver may have been texting while driving. 

Detailed List Of Damages You Can Claim

Police Car After A Car Accident

Because you were not at fault for your injuries and resultant damages, and it is only fair they compensate you for your losses. Here are some of the damages you can claim after your car crash:

Medical Bills

After you receive medical attention, you will likely need to pay many medical bills to cover the cost of having your injuries treated. Your attorney will use your medical reports and invoices to determine how extensive your injuries were. The doctor may have required you to receive medical tests, surgery, physical therapy, and a variety of other methods. If the costs continue into the future, this amount will also be included in your settlement. 

Property Damage

Your insurance company may help cover some of the expenses required to repair your car. If the damage was so extensive you needed to replace your car, the cost may be beyond your insurance policy maximum. Any additional mechanic fees can also be added to your settlement. 

Pain And Suffering

Suffering from guilt, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, or depression, is considered a form of pain and suffering. These types of emotions can weigh you down emotionally and remove the joy from your life. If you are experiencing these feelings due to an accident you did not cause, you can be compensated for them. Your attorney will select a multiplier between the number one and seven, then multiply this number against your total economic damages. This will be the total amount of your pain and suffering damages. Your non-economic damages and economic damages make up your entire settlement amount.

Lost Wages

After being injured, you may need to stay home for several weeks or months. Injuries may have caused you to struggle with ordinary tasks or prevented you from holding a full-time job. Any income loss can also be accounted for by your personal injury attorney. They will help you receive compensation for wages you missed due to your car accident. This includes any future projected income loss.

Wrongful Death

Because of catastrophic injuries, severe car accidents can sometimes become fatal. The surviving family members closest to the victim, such as the spouse or offspring, can seek compensation on their behalf. Any dependents and individuals named in the will or estate can also be compensated. Wrongful death damages include burial and funeral costs, lost benefits, lost earning capacity, loss of consortium, and other damages that can be accounted for. 

Let your car accident attorney help you receive fair compensation. You should never be stuck with a heavy financial burden because of another diver’s careless mistakes. Discuss with your attorney any damages that were created by your car accident. 

Steps You Should Take After Your Car Accident

The steps you should immediately take include the following:

Call 911

Reach out to local authorities as soon as a collision has occurred. They will send first responders and police to your location. If you are badly injured, you will be sent to a hospital immediately. Notify the police about how your auto accident happened. This will be used as proof you are not at fault by your attorney. Police officers also write citations and request drug tests if they deem it necessary. Your attorney can also use this information to demonstrate you were not at fault. 

Take Photographs

You can help your attorney by displaying the severity of the car accident. Taking pictures of the area your crash occurred and any property damage is necessary. Show all dents, broken glass, and bent metal on your vehicle. Take pictures of debris, tire marks, and the rest of the aftermath of your car accident. You can also take photos of any other cars involved. Your attorney will review these images and use them as evidence. 

Gather Contact Information

Make sure you collect contact information from the other driver. Your car accident lawyer can contact them later. If there were any eyewitnesses, collect their information as well.

Get Medical Attention

Do not delay visiting a doctor. This prevents the other party from claiming your injuries were not caused by your car accident and helps unveil all your injuries. Soft tissue injuries take longer to appear, but a doctor can find these wounds early.. Your medical bills will be used as evidence to justify your settlement award amount.

Reach Out To Your Insurer

Always update your insurance company and notify them of what happened. Depending on your policy, you can get financial help from them as well. 

Speak To A Reliable Attorney Now

While you are recovering from your injuries, your attorney can be working to obtain a settlement for you. You can get a free consultation with our proven team to discuss how to begin your car accident claim. Our lawyers collect evidence, speak to other parties on your behalf, and represent your best interests to negotiate a fair settlement. You can trust our legal team to ensure you are treated fairly. To receive a free consultation, contact Hipskind and McAninch Attorneys!