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When a motorcycle crash happens, you’re left in a vulnerable spot. Don’t let insurance companies and other drivers take advantage of that. Instead, reach out to a Belleville motorcycle accident attorney to protect your claim.

Motorcycles give you a sense of freedom that a car, even a convertible, can’t. Unfortunately, that freedom may come at a price. Many motorcyclists find themselves victims of serious crashes, and many even lose their lives because of these deadly crashes.

Unfortunately, you might be a motorcyclist who just survived a terrible crash. Your bike is destroyed, you’re suffering, and it’s all because someone else made a mistake. You’ll need to file a claim or seek a settlement, but that can be difficult and complex.

You’ll need a Belleville motorcycle accident lawyer for a successful claim. At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we understand how difficult a successful motorcycle crash claim can be, but we’ll fight to ensure you get the full compensation you need to recover.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Sadly, motorcycle accidents are some of the deadliest types of crashes on the road. In most types of crashes, you have at least some safety measures in place: airbags, seat belts, the car’s frame, and other new safety features that help protect your life.

Motorcycles don’t have any of these features. At best, you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, but Illinois has no law regarding helmet use. You might have legally been riding without your helmet, but that leaves you more vulnerable to the road.

That leads to devastating injuries in a motorcycle crash. If you’ve been hit by another driver, you could experience any of the following serious injuries:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Head trauma, whether it’s a minor concussion or a skull fracture, is a serious problem for motorcyclists. If you suffered a head injury, you might suffer permanent brain damage because of the bike accident.
  • Spinal Injury Unfortunately, there’s nothing protecting you from a traumatic impact with the road, which might lead to a complete spinal injury. In such a case, this means that your spinal cord was severed, and that you’re paralyzed from the point of the injury down.
  • Broken Bones A serious impact can fracture even our largest, strongest bones, like the femur. At best, you might be in pain and unable to work. At worst, you could suffer from complications, like bone infections and traumatic bleeding.
  • Burn Injury – From actual burns from vehicles catching on fire to friction burns like road rash, burns are a real possibility in a Belleville motorcycle accident.
  • Death – High speeds and heavy impacts can easily kill a motorcyclist. If your loved one died in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Once you’ve gotten medical attention after your Belleville motorcycle accident, you’ll need to focus on what happened and how it happened. Determining what caused the accident can help you find the at-fault party and begin fighting for your compensation.

In many motorcycle wrecks, the issue is usually in the visibility of the motorcycle and the care of other Belleville drivers. Motorcyclists are more difficult to see, so other drivers must take more care when changing lanes, passing, or otherwise driving near a motorcycle. If they don’t, it’s easy to hit a motorcycle or cause the rider to lose control.

Your lawyer will review your injuries and the circumstances of the accident to determine what caused your accident. They’ll look at the scene of the bike wreck and any available evidence so you’ll have proof of how your accident happened.

Finding Fault for a Motorcycle Wreck

When a serious motorcycle accident happens, knowing what caused the accident is often the first step to finding who’s responsible for your injuries. Before you file your claim for a crash, you’ll need to know who to file a claim against.

In most cases, the at-fault party will be the person who hit you. Private Belleville citizens will be responsible for the accidents they cause. But what if they were at work? Being hit by a taxi or delivery person, for example, is a little more complex. You’ll need to sue their employer for compensation, since they’re responsible for their employees’ actions.

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes, but you still might not have been the one at fault. Motorcycles are more delicate and difficult to control, so when something goes wrong, you’ll need to investigate further to find fault.

For example, road hazards can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Things like potholes can cause even the most experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicle. This accident, however, might have been prevented by the Department of Transportation, so speak to a lawyer about how you would sue a government agency.

Dealing with Belleville Insurers

When you’ve survived a serious motorcycle accident in Belleville, your first response is likely to turn to the insurance companies. You pay for insurance to protect you when the worst happens, so they should help you, right? Unfortunately, they might not always be so helpful.

Because these insurance companies are seeking a profit, it’s not in their best interest to pay the full amount you’re owed to fully recover. That means they may use underhanded tactics to make you desperate or afraid of losing your compensation. They’ll give you less than you deserve while preventing you from suing for further compensation.

You might have already heard “That’s the best we can do” from your insurer. Unfortunately, they might claim this so that you’ll feel you don’t have a choice. The time limit for a claim is coming up, so you need to act fast, and their refusal to settle for more pushes you to take what they offer.

Unfortunately, they might also leverage the fact that you’re a motorcyclist. They may claim that you were the one acting recklessly and being dangerous. This could leave you with less compensation than you need for your recovery. So what can you do?

Compensation Offered after a Motorcycle Crash

When preparing for your claim, knowing how much your claim is worth can protect the full funds you’re owed. Whether you’re seeking a settlement or taking a claim to court, know what to expect from your claim before you get started.

This means you’ll need to first find your economic damages. This includes all your financial losses. So let’s say you injured your spine in a motorcycle crash. Along with your bike repairs, you might be unable to work, and you could need extensive medical care to treat the injury. If you suffered a complete injury, you might need future care and physical therapy to deal with the loss of mobility.

That doesn’t cover all your damages, however. That same spine injury is traumatic, and you should receive compensation for that, too. For example, you might find yourself reliving the accident, unable to enjoy life as you once did, or simply physically suffering.

Make sure you’re getting compensation for all these forms of suffering by including all your damages. That could include any of the following damages:  

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

Get Help from a Belleville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you’ve suffered in the wake of a bike crash, you’ll need help getting the compensation you deserve. Fortunately, our attorneys at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC can help you during this vulnerable time.

The people around you, including the companies you pay to protect you after an accident, might use your motorcycle against you. You’ll need a free planning session with one of our attorneys before you ever file. You’ll discuss your situation with your motorcycle wreck lawyer, and they’ll show you how we can fight back.

Getting ready to file a claim? Reach out for help from a Belleville motorcycle accident lawyer before you get started. Call us at 618-641-9189 or complete the following online form to get started.  

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