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Injury victims only have one opportunity to file a claim and settle after being in a car accident. Once the first steps are taken, agreements are signed, and processes are in motion. That is unfortunately the point of no return. Some personal injury victims may feel up to the challenge of dealing with the insurance company directly and believe they can settle without a lawyer. That is tricky, and at the very least, time-consuming. If you suffered a personal injury at the fault of someone else, then you deserve total compensation for any losses due to the accident. Contact the personal injury lawyers at the Centreville, IL law firm of Hipskind & McAninch, LLC for a free consultation. Most cases for personal injuries are settled out of court. Call our office today. 

Why Personal Injury Attorneys are Essential

Bodily injury is complicated and affording healthcare even more so. Accidents involving physical harm can take weeks or even months to recover from fully. Individuals attempting to navigate the world of insurance claims and injury law can find themselves overwhelmed. Keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses and insurance claim adjusters are professionals. They’re trained to quickly settle cases and pay the least amount possible while doing so.

It is easy to feel like you may be way in over your head at some point, as the insurance world can be nerve-wracking and difficult to understand. At Hipskind & McAninch, we take that burden off your shoulders and deal with the insurance lawyers directly. Injury victims should not have to feel anxious about not understanding important documents related to their incident. Find a lawyer who will cover all the details with you and handle communications with the companies. Call our law firm now to review and discuss your case with one of our lawyers today.

How To Protect Yourself After a Personal Injury

In Centreville, IL, as in many states, it is up to the victim to prove that they were not at fault, even if it may seem obvious. Filing a claim and settling accident cases without proper representation is exhausting and counterintuitive to recovering from getting injured. Evidence of any potential negligence can be extracted from pictures or footage of the accident site, police reports, testimonies, etc. Knowing where to go for this information, how to most effectively interpret it, and doing so in a time-sensitive manner can be overwhelming. 

The process begins the moment after the accident, and this is where a law firm specializing in personal injury law can start collecting these vital pieces of evidence for you immediately. Insurance companies will do what they can to divert their liability and buy themselves time waiting for the victim to give up and settle. A personal injury attorney has the resources to collect evidence after a crash or other accident, the ability to access reports, and more. 

Find your personal injury lawyer at Hipskind & McAninch. They are ready to help you achieve the best outcome in your personal injury case. If you have experienced injuries due to an accident, contact us today for a free consultation and review your incident with our compassionate legal team. Unfortunately, victims settling accidents without an attorney often end up short-changing themselves out of the compensation they rightfully deserve. Our job is to protect clients from doing or saying anything that might prevent their fair compensation.

When To Consult Personal Injury Lawyers

Medical bills in Centreville personal injury cases can add up quickly. And finding the right law firm with genuinely caring and trusted personal injury attorneys is not that easy. That is primarily due to the fact that injury cases take time to resolve. Especially in the case that someone is seriously hurt and requires follow-up treatment or rehabilitation because this would be included in the settlement.

Total Crashes by Crash Severity


Total crashes in Illinois increased by 2.5% between 2014 and 2018. Regardless of whether accident rates rise or fall, though, you will always be at risk of an accident that someone else causes.

With accidents causing long-term injuries, disability, or wrongful death, a settlement is more complicated to calculate. In cases that involve a criminal incident, the civil case may not even start until after the criminal case is resolved. Considering there may be long-term expenses like ongoing nurse care, medical equipment, etc. and having to figure out how to price it out going into the future is all part of the job of experienced personal injury lawyers. One must also account for the loss of wages from not working during this time and placing a specific amount on the pain and suffering endured throughout.

Our personal injury lawyers have handled cases like these before and can help you better understand injury law as it pertains to your accident. We will track reimbursable expenses for our clients and use our formulas to figure out a fair amount for damages that are not easily defined. At Hipskind & McAninch, we believe when someone is hurt due to someone else’s actions, they have the right to compensation for the harm done to them.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney?

A personal injury law firm can get started on the process of getting you the best settlement you are due for your physical and emotional well-being. The chronic stress, anxiety, or PTSD that comes with being the victim of an injury can disrupt your day-to-day life and make you feel less productive. Even after healing from physical scars, in many cases, individuals suffer mental illness or some kind of psychological damage. These issues may be the reason for victims in an accident to receive compensation for the treatment of such treatments. Psychological disorders can be tough to prove and link directly to accidents. That is why it is useful and recommended to speak with a personal injury lawyer to go over your case. Call our team of legal experts today for your free consultation and help in determining the value of both the monetary and non-financial losses in an accident.

Why You Should Seek Representation?

Victims may have a hard time deciding if or when to take a settlement offer. In some cases, when parties involved in an accident claim cannot agree on a settlement, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to receive fair compensation. The appropriate steps and timing of achieving this is not something commonly known. Plus, personal injury cases take time to work their way through the court systems. Involving proper counsel in your personal injury case from the beginning can help speed up this process and smoothen things with the insurance company to negotiate a settlement offer better. 

Statistics table


There were a total of 312,988 crashes reported to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office in 2019, which can give you a sense of how much practice insurers have with handling claims. Working with an attorney is the best way to get the money you deserve.

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Hipskind & McAninch fight for their clients’ rights to a fair settlement outcome. Our attorneys are highly skilled at assessing the relevant details of an accident, calculating damages, and working on building a case around it. If you or someone you know has been hurt in an accident that is someone else’s fault, know your legal rights. Contact your Centreville personal injury lawyer.