Belleville Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction zones are known for being hazardous and require increased caution once they have been entered. If you are in the incorrect place, you could be severely injured by falling debris, machinery accidents, ground collapses, and other forms of construction accidents. If you have been injured in a construction site, consider filing a personal injury lawsuit or settlement claim. Personal injury victims who experience a construction site accident are owed compensation by the premises owner. This is because when you are injured due to a construction accident, the owner of the property where you were harmed can be held responsible for their negligence. Construction workers are treated differently when they are harmed because of a construction accident. Instead of filing a personal injury lawsuit or settlement claim, they would be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits due to their employment by the construction company. A Belleville personal injury lawyer can help clarify how the settlement process works for personal injury victims and construction workers. For more information, contact Hipskind & Mcaninch Attorneys today for a free consultation. 

What Financial Compensation Can I Receive

When someone is injured because of poor maintenance, defective equipment, or other incidents, this is considered an act of negligence. About one in three construction accident injuries are caused by a slip and fall accident. You can receive financial compensation to help cover the cost of your injuries and other difficulties. Here are some of the ways you can be compensated:

Medical Bills

If you are severely injured during a construction accident, you will likely require medication, ongoing clinic visits, medical treatments, surgery, physical therapy, and a plethora of other medical needs. After you have visited a doctor and begin treatment, you will be paying many medical expenses throughout your recovery. You can inform your construction accident attorney of your injury diagnosis and the ongoing cost of your medical expenses. They will estimate the future cost of your medical bills and include it in your settlement. 

Lost Wages

You may experience lost wages if you are forced to take time away from work. Injuries may cause you to be unable to fulfill your normal work duties. As medical expenses accumulate, it is an additional burden if you are not receiving normal wages. Based on your wages at the time of your injury, your personal injury attorney will estimate how much your lost wages will be including future costs.

Pain And Suffering

Injuries do not come without pain and emotional discomfort. Pain and suffering damages are based on your experience and the severity of your injuries. You can notify your construction accident attorney how you feel emotionally. Anxiety, grief, PTSD, shame, embarrassment, depression, and other negative emotions are forms of pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers can estimate how much your damages are worth using a multiplier.

Wrongful Death 

Around 20% of private industry deaths are because of construction accidents. Surviving family members and anyone named in the wrongful death victim’s Will or Estate can claim wrongful death damages on behalf of the deceased. These include funeral and burial costs, lost earning capacity, lost benefits, and many more. You can also include damages such as loss of consortium, loss of guardianship, and other non-economic damages your attorney can estimate.

What Kind Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can I Receive

After Accident

Anyone employed by the construction company that caused their injury can also receive benefits. However, they would be paid through the workers’ compensation benefits system and will be unable to file a personal injury settlement. These benefits include:

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

If you are partially disabled but can still work, you will likely be placed in a less strenuous position. This can result in reduced wages. If this occurs, you can receive temporary partial disability benefits to help supplement your income. Typically, this is two-thirds of your income at the time of your construction site accident.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you are entirely disabled and have to stay at home, you can receive temporary total disability benefits. You would receive 66 ⅔% of the wages you were receiving at the time of your injury.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Catastrophic injuries are more common at construction sites, which can result in you being 

partially disabled for the remainder of your life. When this happens, your benefits will continue at the partial disability rate.  If you are unable to return to your original line of work because of your disability, you can also receive vocational training. Job placement is another benefit you will receive so you are able to find new and purposeful work. 

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

When your injuries are so devastating you cannot ever return to work, you will continue to receive total disability benefits for the rest of your life. If your doctor evaluates you for MMI and determines your condition will no longer improve, you will be considered legally disabled. 

Other Benefits 

Construction workers may also receive reimbursement or coverage for medical bills, death benefits, funeral benefits, vocational therapy, and more. Spouses and dependents can claim on behalf of a fatal construction accident victim.

What If I Am At Fault For My Injuries?

Never assume you are at fault and admit you are to blame. Allow an attorney to determine negligence for your personal injury case. If you are applying for workers’ compensation, you are eligible for benefits even if you caused your own injury. The only way you would be ineligible is if you were breaking company policies or involved in criminal activity. If you were partially at fault for your personal injury, you can still receive compensation for the percentage you were not at fault for. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer to learn how your case should be handled.

Speak To Construction Accident Attorneys

Before you make the decision to file a personal injury claim, first speak to a construction accident lawyer. With the help of knowledgeable legal professionals, you can understand the worth of your personal injury or workers’ comp claim. After experiencing severe injuries, your expenses should be covered to help alleviate the recovery process. Especially when you are required to pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical bills and are suffering from wage loss. Get on the phone today with our proven team. Call Hipskind & Mcaninch Attorneys now for a free consultation.