Belleville Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are dangerous places, so you may have been seriously injured in an accident at one. You’ll need legal help fighting back after a construction accident, so seek out a lawyer in Belleville who can help you move forward when you’re struggling to recover.

Belleville Construction Accident

While there are always signs and warnings telling us to avoid or take care in construction zones, they can’t prevent every accident. And while you may have taken care to avoid an accident, a small mistake or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can leave you seriously injured.

When you’re hurt because someone else was careless on a work site, seek out compensation with a Belleville construction accident lawyer. At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we understand how difficult it can be to recover, but we’ll fight to get you the help you need to do so.

Types of Construction Accidents

When you’ve suffered through a construction accident, understanding the situation can help your attorney. They’ll need to know what happened, the injuries you suffered, and who caused the accident that injured you.

If you’ve been injured by one of the following accidents, reach out for an attorney’s help:

Filing for Workers Comp or Personal Injury

Filing for Workers Comp or Personal Injury

If you’re a construction worker, you may be unsure how you’ll need to file and what your options are. Fortunately, your attorney can help with this, too. If you’re unsure where to take your claim, we’ll help you decide and then help you fight back if they refuse to settle with you.

If you’re a construction worker, chances are good that you have workers compensation benefits available. Most workers have these benefits, and they’ll likely be your first option for compensation. In these cases, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident. You’ll receive your compensation regardless of fault.

An injury claim should cover you if workers comp isn’t an option. For example, if you were intentionally harmed by your employer, or if you were injured by a third party, you can file within two years against the responsible party.

Contact a Belleville Construction Accident Attorney

When you’re injured on a Belleville construction site, it can be tough to get the answers you need to recover. You’ll need help overcoming your injuries, and you’ll need someone on your side to help you make the right decisions. That means you’ll need a construction injury lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC.

If you’re struggling with your construction zone injury and aren’t sure how to handle it, reach out to a Belleville construction accident lawyer for a free case review. We’ll discuss your options and what’s best for your claim. For more information, reach out by calling 618-641-9189 or by completing the following online form.