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Dogs may usually be our fuzzy friends, but what can you do when a dog isn’t so friendly? If you’ve been injured by a canine, reach out to a Belleville dog bite attorney for help.

Many of us are attached to our four-legged family members. Whether they’re a teacup Chihuahua or a Great Pyrenees, a dog is a common addition to the household for many Belleville residents. Unfortunately, a dog isn’t always so sweet and cuddly.

While some breeds have worse reputations than others, any dog can bite, and that can do a lot of damage. A dog might have even bitten you unprovoked, and you’ll need to get compensation to deal with the bite. When this happens, who’s at fault, and what should you receive for your suffering?

When you’re injured by a dog, reach out for the help of a Belleville dog bite lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC. Our injury attorneys understand how painful and complex a dog attack can be, so we’ll make sure you get the full compensation you need when you’re bitten.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Unfortunately, dog bites are serious. You’ve likely heard stories of children being attacked and even killed by their pets, but you don’t have to be young or small to be serious injured by even toy dog breeds.

A dog bite both punctures the skin and does crushing damage. That means that if a dog bites your hand, you’ll often have deep wounds that could lead to infection. In areas like the hand, however, you might also have broken bones. Because a dog’s grip is so strong, the damage can be serious.

Unfortunately, these injuries are tough to overcome, so you’ll need to file a claim. A serious attack can leave you in pain and unable to work for some time, along with dealing with long-term effects like infections.

Who’s Responsible When a Dog Attacks?

When you’re bitten by a dog, you’ll need to find the responsible person as soon as possible for your claim. In most animal bite claims, this will be the animal’s owner, though in cases where the owner is a minor, you’ll need to seek the owner’s parents.

Fortunately, Illinois is also a strict liability state for animal attacks. That means that if someone’s dog bites you and the attack was unprovoked, it doesn’t matter if the dog has a history of biting. Even if there was no prior sign that their dog would attack you, they’re still responsible for your injuries.

In many cases, you’ll be able to settle through their homeowners or renters insurance. In most cases, their policy should cover dog bites, and you should receive a settlement to cover your expenses. If they refuse to settle, however, you may need to take the responsible party to court for your damages.  

Compensation for Belleville Bite Victims

Before you accept a settlement offer or file a claim, however, you’ll need to know what your claim is worth. When you accept a claim, that’s the end of your chances at compensation, so make sure you know what your claim is worth before you begin.

First, make sure you’re getting compensated for all the economic damages you’ve suffered. For example, you may need medical treatment for the bite and compensation for any missed work days. You may also need preventative treatments if you suspect the dog may have had a disease like rabies. So, if you’ve suffered a financial loss because a dog bit you, you should include that loss in your claim.

What about emotional or non-economic damages? A dog attack can take a toll on your mental health, leaving you traumatized by the attacked. Unfortunately, while you can simply add up your expenses, your non-economic damages aren’t as easy to calculate. Speak to a lawyer, who will have the resources to find your emotional damages based on their severity and impact on your life.  

Ask a Belleville Dog Bite Lawyer for Help

While we might adore our pets, dealing with a serious dog bite is anything but fun. Instead, you’re dealing with a major injury, which can mean major expenses and damages. Worse, you might now be traumatized and afraid of dogs. Now even going to the park might be difficult for you.

When you’re injured and traumatized by a dog, you’ll need to fight back to get compensation after the attack. Dog bites are serious, so make sure you’re getting everything you need by getting started with a free consultation. At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we understand how traumatic these attacks can be, and we’ll discuss our plan to fight your claim before you sign anything.

When considering filing a claim, make sure you have a Belleville dog bite lawyer on your side. They can make a difference when a dog hurts you. Ready to start your claim? Reach out by calling 618-641-9189 or by filling out the online form below.

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