Glitter iPhone Cases Causing Chemical Burns?

So many of the products we use each of us use every day can become dangerous is used improperly. Household cleaners, knives, and furniture. However, few, if any, of us think about the dangers a phone case could pose. That is until reports of iPhone cases causing chemical burns are discovered.

Last week, MixBin Electronics recalled approximately 275,000 of its “liquid glitter” iPhone cases after reports began surfacing that the liquid inside the case could leak out and cause chemical burns. Chemical burns are particularly dangerous because if the chemical is not quickly washed off the skin the damage can continue to worsen and worsen. This demonstrates the very real danger that is associated with the use of these cases. What’s worse is that there is no evidence that “improper” use is required to cause the dangerous condition of the cases to be released.

The cases went on sale in 2015 and were sold at various stores and locations, including, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom Rack, and Troy Burch. The cases, which were manufactured in China, are described as “snow globe” like and were sold for anything from $15 to $65. Although the reports are still limited, one affected individual claims to have suffered permanent scarring from chemical burns.

This is just another high profile recall within months of Samsung being forced to recall an entire phone line. There are few devices that are as intimate to us as our phones. We carry them in our pockets, hold them in our hands, and hold them up to our faces. Thus, any issues with our phones, particularly one’s as serious as this, require the attention from the public.

What should you do if you have a case subject to the recall? Stop using it immediately. You can contact the manufacturer directly to obtain a refund by calling: 855-215-4935 or visiting their website. Click here to view images of all the impacted phone cases.


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