Car Accident Lawyer Highland, IL

One dangerous car accident can be the determining factor of your future well-being. You may be stuck with temporary or permanent injuries that make life difficult. When you’re not at fault, it is unfair that you have to manage your personal injuries without any help or compensation. Fortunately, car accident lawyers will help you recoup your losses by seeking a settlement on your behalf.

Because the other party was negligent, you are owed compensation for your injuries and other damages you suffered. Your car accident may have been caused by aggressive driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, or other negligent actions. Even if you were partially at fault, you might still be able to receive compensation with the help of your car accident lawyer. Find out more information by speaking to personal injury attorneys now. Reach out to the law firm of Hipskind & McAninch LLC in Highland for a free consultation.  

Types Of Car Accidents in Highland

Highland car accidents can happen in various ways but are often attributed to driver error. Common ways that car accidents happen include the following:

Head-On Collisions

These accidents occur when one vehicle crosses into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle. It often results in catastrophic injuries for both parties involved due to the nature of the collision. You might be left facing costly medical bills and without a vehicle to use while you recover.

Rear-End Collisions

This is the most common type of accident and occurs when a car hits another from behind. These accidents are usually caused by distracted drivers or those who are driving too quickly. If you’ve been injured in a rear-end collision, it is important to consult with an experienced Highland, IL car accident lawyer right away.

Two Light Vehicles In A Rear End Accident

Multi-Car Collisions

Multi-car collisions are serious car accidents that involve a chain reaction of crashes among several vehicles. One car can hit you, which causes the vehicle to lose control and hit other cars. Car accident lawyers in Highland can find out who is liable for the damage done to your vehicle so that you can get fairly compensated for any damages incurred. They’ll uncover who can be held responsible in such a complex situation and whether or not you are partially liable. You can receive a percentage of damages from each liable party if necessary. 

Side Swipe Accidents

This occurs when the side of one vehicle smashes into the side of another vehicle when they are both traveling in the same direction. These accidents commonly happen when a driver changes lanes without properly checking if another vehicle is in their way. The driver may have been falling asleep or not paying attention, resulting in a side swipe. These accidents can lead to more serious accidents since both cars could lose control and collide with other vehicles or obstacles. Proving who is at fault for these types of accidents can be tough, which is why you need a car accident attorney to help with your settlement claim. 

Side Impact Or T-bone Collisions

These types of collisions occur when one vehicle runs into the side of another. Side-impact or T-bone accidents are often the result of a driver running a red light or stop sign. When the car doors and windows are hit, they can get crushed in the impact. Unlike the front or back of the car, there is less protection on the sides. This can leave the occupants with serious injuries. It can also be difficult to escape from the vehicle after it has been involved in an accident because of the damaged doors.

Types Of Proof in Highland Car Accidents

Dependable car accident lawyers in Highland will work quickly and efficiently to determine who is liable for your injuries. They help you to move on with your life as soon as possible while getting compensated fairly for your injuries. After an investigation, your Highland personal injury attorney will use the following to support your claim:

Police Reports 

When Highland police officers arrive at the car crash, they will make a report on what they see, who was at fault, and which parties need medical attention. This can help determine liability for your injuries and prove useful in negotiations. Be sure you request a copy from the officer or police department when it’s available so that an experienced Highland car accident lawyer can begin building your car crash case.

Eyewitness Testimonies 

Eyewitnesses can provide useful information about how an accident occurred or why it happened. Your personal injury attorney will use eyewitness testimonies to strengthen your case and provide as many different perspectives of the situation as possible. 

Medical Bills

When you are injured in a car accident, it is crucial that you seek medical attention right away so that your injuries can be properly treated and documented by medical professionals. This helps prove that your injuries were the result of an accident rather than something unrelated and will help strengthen your case against any liability claims made by the other party. Be sure to collect all of your medical bills, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, treatments received, referrals for further treatments, and other useful information, as this will all be helpful to your case. Your attorney will find this information very useful in calculating your damages and building your case.

Photographic Evidence

Any photos you took of the traffic accident can be used. They can show how the accident happened. Your attorney might look at things like skid marks, broken glass on the road, or even damaged guardrails. This information is often crucial in determining liability for an accident and can help prove how a driver was at fault for an accident.

Vehicle Rollover Accident Seen Through A Side Mirror

Traffic Camera Footage

Highland attorneys will use any helpful traffic camera footage that may have recorded your car accident. They can analyze the video to observe where the other driver made errors or broke traffic laws. 

Car Accident Attorneys In Highland, IL

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by another’s negligence, be sure to contact an experienced car accident attorney right away. Our law firm will work quickly and efficiently to build your case to retrieve compensation for any property damage, pain and suffering damages, medical bills, lost wages, and other personal injury expenses. This way, you can focus on healing from your personal injury while receiving fair compensation for your wounds. Contact Hipskind & McAninch LLC in Highland now to learn more about what you can do after being in a car accident.