Lebanon Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, you’re probably confused and overwhelmed, wondering what to do next. Many of us believe we can handle the medical and legal systems on our own. However, personal injury cases can get complicated, and as such, require special care and attention. Work with a law firm like Hipskind & McAninch that focuses on injury law, and rest assured that you have experienced personal injury attorneys by your side. A personal injury attorney covers a wide range of practice areas, such as: working with insurance companies in medical malpractice cases, managing a highly sensitive wrongful death case, and providing general consultation on personal injury law. Sometimes these companies will look to misrepresent the victim in an accident and refuse to compensate you for injuries. At Hipskind & McAninch, we take time to understand our client’s needs and case details to learn how we can best represent you compassionately.

Personal injury cases bring enough pain and suffering without the extra headaches of all the repercussions accompanying all types of accidents. Our legal team is equipped to deal with your personal injury case and provide you the best legal consult in Lebanon, IL. It is normal to feel lost and unsure of what to do when something unexpected happens. Our attorneys know how these cases work and are just a call away. At our law firm, we take a personal approach to each and every client we represent in court. The Hipskind & McAninch office in Lebanon, IL, provides experienced and personalized legal advice centered around the needs of each individual client. Our law firm can assist you with finding the right specialist for your particular needs. This helps you save time spent in doctor’s offices and money on crazy unexpected medical bills. Knowing how to move forward after an injury is stressful. Working with an injury lawyer that cares about your wellbeing as much as achieving results is the right first step.

Overcoming Accidents and Personal Injuries

Falling or slipping and suffering a head injury must be in everyone’s top five most scary ways to get hurt. Maybe just in my mind, but definitely not fun and can come with underlying consequences not always immediately evident. Concussions, for example, are a serious yet more mild form of brain injury. These kinds of injuries will heal over time, but it takes weeks, sometimes months, to completely recuperate.

Incidents like these can take up your time and money with doctor appointments, therapy, and loss of income while recovering. In an accident where you are the victim of a personal injury where someone else is at fault, you have the right to compensation. Our office of expert injury attorneys will work with you closely and seek to achieve having all damages paid. If you were in a car crash where someone else is at fault, it is advised that you consult with an attorney. This may be the most effective way to get full compensation owed for expenses related to the incident, like car repairs and medical bills.

Right Time to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

At Hipskind & McAninch, we know that being the victim of a motor vehicle accident is serious and looking for help can add stress to an already stressful situation. Few anticipate ever having to experience something like it, let alone know what to do when it does happen. Our attorneys at the Lebanon, IL office understand personal injury law and have practical experience working with victims of personal injuries and accidents.

Number of fatal occupational injuries chart

Source: https://www.bls.gov/regions/midwest/news-release/fatalworkinjuries_illinois.htm 

There were more than 150 fatal work-related accidents in 2019 in Illinois. This is just one of many types of cases that an experienced attorney can help surviving family members deal with.

Any physical injury resulting from an incident in your motor vehicle could get complicated if not treated in due time. And we know all too well what a nightmare it is dealing with insurance companies as, in most cases, it is the adjuster’s job to pay the lowest amount possible for each claim. However, some injuries are not apparent right after an accident, and as a result, not all your expenses may end up being covered. Working with a personal injury lawyer protects your right to collect any rightful compensation after suffering an injury, and someone else is at fault for it.

After receiving any necessary medical attention, you should call our office and set up a consultation with one of our legal experts. A reputable law firm does not charge for initial meetings so take advantage of this opportunity to have your case reviewed and discuss some questions you may have.

What to Look for in Personal Injury Lawyers

The most important thing to consider when searching for the right attorney is to find someone you can communicate with comfortably. This applies for them as well so that you understand everything regarding your case and feel like you are receiving the best representation possible. Is the attorney fighting for you, and do they believe you have a good case? Does this person or law firm seem like they will work hard for you and best represent you in your case? Some do not take on a claim with too little chance of winning or settling for a high claim.

Illinois and US Fatality rate

Source: https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.gov/files/documents/il_2019_annual_report_nhtsa_final.pdf

Illinois falls below the national average for traffic fatality rates, but this does not mean that you will avoid an accident that someone else causes.

You want an attorney who knows when to fight in court and when it is best to settle. Experienced and knowledgeable lawyers will guide you through the steps and be there for you. Personal injury attorneys are paid a percentage of any settlement they help you win. Before working with someone, ask them to clarify how much that is upfront. At Hipskind & McAninch, we do not charge fees if we do not win the case. Reach out to speak with someone at our office, set up a free consultation, and let us help determine the value of your claim. We would like to get to know more about your case, so feel free to stop by our office in Lebanon, IL.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Being involved in an accident of any kind is overwhelming, and you deserve fair compensation for any sustained injury — a personal injury attorney will help with that. The extra time spent looking for and finding the right attorney to work with will be well worth it in retrospect. At Hipskind & McAninch in Lebanon, we are proud to have represented numerous individuals and worked a variety of different cases over the years.

When someone causes an incident, they are duly responsible for damages, including to any victims involved. Our attorneys will act on your behalf to collect compensation from the at-fault party and the respective insurance company. Also, we work diligently to ensure all of our clients receive the appropriate care to reach full recovery. It is a good idea for victims of a personal injury to consult a personal injury lawyer and discuss their case further. Here at Hipskind & McAninch, we have several contacts in the medical community and understand the intricacies of dealing with auto insurance companies. Call us today or visit our office in Lebanon, IL to get back what you are o, wed, and back to yourself.