Personal Injury Lawyer Madison County, Illinois

If you have been injured in Madison County, Illinois, then you should choose the attorneys who will fight aggressively for you. Read on to learn more about how the personal injury attorneys at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC can help you.

Practice Areas in Madison County, Illinois

Personal injury law covers a broad category of cases where one party brings forth a suit against another one who has harmed them due to an act of negligence. But not all personal injury attorneys handle the same kinds of cases. At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we serve clients in the following areas.

Car Accidents

You will not automatically receive compensation if you were injured in a car accident, so it is important for you to follow the right steps after your crash. The insurance company is interested in saving themselves money, not in ensuring that policyholders or the people they harm are taken care of. When you have been involved in a car accident, you need help from a compassionate attorney. Call us today.

Truck Accidents

If you or a loved one was injured because of the negligence of a truck driver, a manufacturing company, or a trucking company, then give Hipskind & McAninch, LLC a call today. When it comes to trucking accidents there are different potential liable parties to file a claim against. Call us to schedule your consultation and we can listen to what happened. We will advise you further based on who the potentially liable parties may be.

Motorcycle Accidents

An accident involving a motorcycle can be devastating and impact a person for the rest of their life. It’s important to know that certain factors will be considered in your personal injury case, such as how many years of experience you have as a motorcycle operator and whether or not you were lane-splitting at the time of the accident.

Dram Shop

Laws that hold businesses liable for serving alcohol to minors or to people who are extremely drunk and later cause an accident are called dram shop laws. The name actually comes from an old way of measuring alcohol to check how much people are drinking.

Dog Bites

In the state of Illinois, the owner of a dog is liable for civil damages if the dog attacks and injures a person or another animal that was keeping to themselves and did not provoke the dog. However, if it can be proven that the dog was provoked, then that may reduce or eliminate the dog owner’s liability.

Nursing Home Abuse

If you are afraid that a loved one is being abused, then call us or report suspected abuse or neglect to the Senior HelpLine at (800) 252-8966 (toll-free) or (888) 206-1327 (TTY). If you are afraid that they are in imminent danger, then dial 911. After you have talked with the police, give us a call so we can talk to you about your options to keep them safe.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim case is how survivors who have suffered damages from a decedent’s sudden death are able to recover compensation from the liable party. They could be an at-fault driver or a company that made a defective product. A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit that is separate and different from criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, we aggressively fight the insurance companies or other liable parties on behalf of our clients. While we hope to answer as many of your questions as possible, it’s best to give us a call to schedule your free case evaluation so we can talk specifically about the details of your case.

What are the different types of car accidents that people commonly get into?

There are some car accidents that are far more common than others. They include:

  • Sideswipe collisions: these are especially common when two lanes of traffic are merging together and one car hits another on the side
  • Rear-end accident: these usually occur when one car is following too closely to another
  • Head-on collisions: these can involve other cars but commonly involve stationary objects such as road signs or trees

What do I do after a car accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident then you must check on the other passengers in your vehicle, the other driver, and any other injured victims, such as passengers in their vehicle or pedestrians. Do not assume that other people will dial 911 for you. If you are able to, then you must exchange the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Auto insurance information

No matter where your accident occurred, it is important to take pictures. Images give hard evidence of negligence and can sometimes be very helpful in a personal injury case. Pictures of cracked pavement or uneven floors, wet areas without signs, or loose cables can all be useful. In an accident involving a car, truck or motorcycle, it is important to take pictures of the damage to the vehicles that were involved.

Who is liable for my truck accident?

It will require a thorough investigation by your personal injury attorney to determine whether the fault was with the driver, the trucking company or some other party. When employees are driving for an employer then the employer is liable for damages caused by the employee if they get into an accident. But there are exceptions to that rule. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • The driver of the trucking company was intoxicated or not obeying traffic laws at the time of the accident. They would then be liable for the accident.
  • The driver of the truck is an independent contractor and not employed by a trucking company, and therefore they would be liable for the accident

If it is found that the accident was due to a brake not working, for example, or some other part that was faulty in the truck, then the company that manufactured it would be liable for the damages.