Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Belleville

When you have experienced a horrible injury after a bad motorcycle accident, you should not only seek medical help but also legal help. Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than car drivers to die in a crash. Additionally, it is a little-known fact that most motorcycle accidents are caused by a distracted drivers. To get the compensation you need to cover all the damages you endured, you should learn the steps it takes to file a personal injury claim.

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Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claims

After a bad accident, you may be struggling with the disadvantages of your injury. When you get the help you need, it will aid you in your recovery and help to bring your life back to normal.

What Does A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do?

Personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights and do their best to get the compensation you deserve. This is done through tactful analysis of all the information and evidence about the crash. In addition to this investigation of data, the attorney will contact witnesses on your behalf who can help provide information about your case.

Your lawyer will reach out to all involved parties when you are ready to begin your claim. They work with insurance companies who can provide a settlement amount to cover all the damages you experienced. The lawyers will aim to negotiate a compensation amount between all parties. In the worst-case scenario, your case will go to court before a jury.

Should I Get A Lawyer After My Accident?

If you believe that your motorcycle accident occurred because someone else was at fault, then you should get a lawyer. They can help you to obtain the evidence and information you need to prove the other party was at fault for your accident. Even if it was by mistake, their negligence could have cost you your life.

What Steps Should I Take?

When you begin your case for a motorcycle accident personal injury claim, you need to take the steps that give you the highest chance of receiving the maximum settlement amount. You need to include economic and non-economic damages that occurred because of the accident.

Collecting Evidence

Once you have been in a serious collision, you should receive medical treatment immediately. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be able to argue that the injuries are a result of the accident. Prompt medical care will not only identify all the harm that was done but also reveal soft tissue injuries, which take longer to appear. Take pictures of the scene where you were injured if you can. This includes your motorcycle, the vehicle that caused the accident, and any other vehicles that were involved. When you include pictures of your bruises, cuts, and wounds, this will also show that your injuries were connected to the accident.

Claiming Economic And Non-Economic Damages

You will have to prepare ahead of time for all of your attorney’s questions. For example, the current and future income loss you incurred due to the accident is considered one of the economic damages that will be included in your settlement. Also included in this amount are medical bills, therapy, prescription medicine, and any ongoing fees that you have had to pay because of your injury.

You can include non-economic damages, which include pain and suffering, depression, anxiety, and any other events that turned your life upside down. You have to be very detailed and also write down as much as possible about your experience while it is fresh in your mind.

Speak With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you finally approach your lawyer, they will use all the information you gathered and create a strategy. The attorney will provide you valuable legal advice as they are experienced in this industry. Lawyers can also provide support, as they are representing you while you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Negotiation and Settlement

During this phase, your lawyer is doing most of the legwork. They are going between all of the involved parties and negotiating a settlement that everyone can agree upon. This may take a few months or up to a year. Your lawyer will provide evidence proving the fault of the other party and will put a spotlight on all the damages you have sustained. This information can’t be ignored by insurance companies, which should eventually settle on an agreed amount.

Learn More About Motorcycle Accident Claims

You can find out additional steps you can take to prepare for your personal injury claim. There is plenty of support available from experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Belleville, Illinois. Call Hipskind & McAninch, LLC for a free consultation.