O’Fallon Car Accident Lawyer

Driving requires your full concentration, but sadly, not every driver is giving their attention to the road. That can leave you seriously injured, so get a lawyer in O’Fallon on your side for help getting justice for your injuries.

When you’re on the road, you’re expected to pay attention to protect the safety of other drivers. Unfortunately, not every driver is so cautious or courteous. Whether they’re driving under the influence, distracted, or drowsy, you might be the one hit and injured.

Fortunately, a lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC can help you recover. When you’re struggling with a car crash lawsuit, let your O’Fallon car accident lawyer step in and help. With someone on your side to help you fight back, you may have a better chance to get the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

When you’re initially injured in a car accident, one of your first steps may be to call your insurance company. They should be notified of an auto accident, and if you’re seeking a settlement, they’ll need to begin the claims process.

While Illinois is a fault state, meaning that the liable party is financially responsible, you may file a claim through your insurance company and let them seek compensation from the liable driver’s insurer. As such, you’ll need to simply notify them that you’re seeking a settlement.

From there, your insurance company will calculate the worth of your damages, both economic and non-economic, and make a settlement offer. Keep in mind, however, that the insurers don’t always have your best interests in mind. If they don’t offer the settlement you deserve, reach out to a lawyer to fight back.

Illinois Laws and Your Car Accident Claim

If your fight for your compensation leads to the courtroom, you may need to ensure you’re following the laws as well. An attorney can help you protect your claim, but unfortunately, Illinois law can leave you with a diminished claim or no compensation at all.

For example, if you miss the two-year deadline for filing your claim, you’ll be barred from recovery. Unfortunately, it can be tough to meet this time limit when you’re suffering from severe injuries. Because of this, even if you think you have plenty of time, don’t hesitate to seek out an attorney to act fast on your behalf.

Your own part in the car crash won’t be ignored, either. If the other driver can blame you and have the compensation you’re owed reduced, they’ll fight to do so, and Illinois law allows it.

For example, the other driver may claim you were on your phone during the wreck, and you could be found, say, 20 percent at fault. If you don’t defend yourself, you then would receive only 80 percent of your total compensation.

Connect with an O’Fallon Car Crash Lawyer

When you’re facing car wreck injuries and struggling to get the compensation you need in O’Fallon, you may need to seek out the help of an attorney. At Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, our lawyers understand precisely how a vehicle accident claim works, which gives you an advantage in the courtroom. You could certainly benefit from having experience and knowledge on your side during the lawsuit.

Fortunately, our attorneys also offer free consultations, so we can discuss your claim and show you we’re the right firm for you. To begin, reach out to an O’Fallon car accident lawyer today. Give us a call at 618-641-9189 or fill out the online form below to begin.