Samsung Halts Sales of Exploding Phones Amid Injuries

Less than two months after its initial release, Samsung has pulled the stopped all sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7.  In fact, Samsung is advising anyone who owns the Galaxy Note7 to “power down and stop using the device”.  This comes after weeks of questions regarding the safety of the device after users begin reporting that instances of the phone exploding.

Samsung initially offered “safe” replacement phones to customers who had bought the Galaxy Note7.  However, it was not long before reports and images began surfacing of the replacement phones exploding.  A quick Google search reveals numerous stories about the phones catching fire and exploding.

Exploding devices have caused injuries and property damage throughout the United States

On October 6th, just a week after sales of the device resumed, a Note7 exploded on a Southwest Airlines flight causing it to be evacuated.  Unfortunately, people are being injured by the exploding phone.  According to Reuters, a Florida man is suing Samsung after he says he suffered severe burns when his Note7 exploded in his pocket.  The man is alleged to have “deep second-degree burn[s]” on his right leg.  He is, sadly, not alone.

What may be most concerning, is that the Note7 may not be the only Samsung device falling victim to this issue.  A California man is suing Samsung for second and third-degree burns allegedly caused by an exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  This man claims that he head a “whistling” sound coming from his phone right before noticing smoke coming out of from the front pocket of his pants.

This raises the question of how far do these explosion issues go?  For its part, Samsung has asked all partners to “stop sales and exchanges” of the Galaxy Note7, but many may be left wondering if this action is too little too late given that reports of the exploding phones have been circulating for weeks.  In fact, some may wonder why Samsung was slow to act and only issued their full recall after AT&T and T-Mobile both announced they were putting a stop to all Note7 sales.

Investigations by Samsung and various regulatory bodies are sure to follow.  But what may be most concerning is that it does not appear that Samsung yet understands why the explosions are and have been occurring.  Without this knowledge, it may be impossible to know just how many devices are defective, and how many people are truly at risk.

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