Belleville Spinal Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury can stop you from ever walking again. To add to the trauma, the injury might be someone else’s fault. If this is the case, get help with your claim by calling a Belleville spinal injury attorney.

Our spines are the hub of communication for the rest of our bodies. Your spine tells your brain when you’ve felt something, and it facilitates all other motion and sensation. So when an accident damages that cord of nerves, the results can be catastrophic.

When you’ve been injured by someone else’s carelessness, you might be in a life-changing situation, which is both traumatic and expensive. You’ll need compensation to deal with this pain and expense, but the other person involved might not be so willing to pay for the damage they’ve done.

When they try to avoid compensating you, seek out a Belleville spinal injury lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC to fight for your compensation.

Seeking Medical Care

Spinal injuries are one of a few injuries that can permanently change the way you live your life. A spinal injury can impact your mobility and sensation, though the amount of damage will affect the severity of the change. For example, someone with an incomplete spinal cord injury may recover some motion and feeling in the affected area.

For those with a complete spinal cord injury, however, the chances of a full recovery aren’t good. Your spinal cord has been severed, and you’ve likely lost all sensation and mobility from the waist down. While modern medicine has made some advances in treating spinal injuries, the damage is serious and difficult to treat.

That means that you’ll need medical care for the complications you’ll face, as well as assistance in your daily life. While many spine injury sufferers will regain some independence, you might struggle to cope and do the daily tasks you once did before your accident.

Types of Accidents that Cause Spine Injuries

So, what causes these debilitating injuries? Unfortunately, spinal injuries can come from many sources, so many accidents types can cause such a serious injury. Typically, a back injury is caused by some form of trauma.

For example, you might have been in a car accident. During the high-speed impact, your spinal cord was damaged, and now you’ve lost feeling from the waist down. Other accidents, like boating accidents, are also serious because of these impacts.

In some cases, however, a hard fall can do plenty of damage. You might have simply been doing your shopping for the week when you slipped and fell, landing on your back. While the damage might not be so extreme as an auto accident, you might still suffer from the damage they caused.

If so, you’ll need to contact your attorney about your back injury, even if it doesn’t seem as serious as it could be. Spinal injuries are always serious, so get the compensation you need to recover.

Compensation after a Back Injury

Before you file a claim against the responsible party, you’ll need to find the full worth of your claim. Unfortunately, this can be overwhelming when you’re not familiar with the types of damages you’re eligible to receive and how much they’re worth.

First, make sure you’re getting all your expenses, or economic damages, covered. These damages cover any financial losses you’ve experienced because of the accident. Even surgeries you won’t need for months, for example, should be included in this compensation.

You’ll also need to consider your non-economic damages. These damages cover your suffering and intangible losses, which will be harder to calculate on your own. Speak to your lawyer about the resources you need for calculating your non-financial losses.

If you’re seeking compensation in the wake of a spinal injury in Belleville, be sure to include any of the following damages you’ve suffered:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Learn What a Belleville Spinal Injury Attorney Can Do

When you’ve suffered a spinal injury, it’s tough to recover. You’ll need help for your financial, mental, and physical recovery, but the responsible party might not be willing to pay. Unfortunately, you’re likely overwhelmed by your injury and losses, which makes it harder to fight back.

That’s why you’ll need a lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC. Seeking help from an attorney can make a difference in your claim, since they’ll have the professional experience you need to fight for your compensation. Get started with a free claim review, and you’ll see what we can do to help you before you get started.

Ready for the compensation you need to recover from a spine injury? Reach out for help by seeking a Belleville spinal injury lawyer. Call 618-641-9189, or complete the form below.