Car Insurance After a Car Accident

After a car accident, many people worry that their car insurance premiums will go up. This is true in many cases, but there are ways to avoid this issue. If you are the victim of an accident and are found to have no liability or comparative negligence during the insurance claim following the crash, you will not have any increase in your rates since the other driver is responsible. This is one reason why it is so important to work with an experienced car accident attorney in the aftermath: simply collecting a settlement check and moving forward with your life can have long-term impacts whether or not your injuries and other damages are lasting.

Car Insurance After a Car Accident

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How Does Car Insurance Work After An Accident?

Car insurance works in one of two ways after an accident: you will either file a first-party claim with your own carrier, or you will file a third-party claim against the other driver’s policy. This all depends on the nature of the crash, such as whether or not you are responsible for the accident and whether or not the other driver is adequately insured to cover your damages. In the event that you are the victim and the other driver is insured, you can expect the following steps to take place:

You File a Claim With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

You will submit your claim for damages to the other driver’s insurance company, at which point they will open a case and start to work through getting you a check. Remember: no matter how simple the process is, the insurance company is focused almost-entirely on settling for as little as possible, regardless of what you are actually entitled to. 

The Insurance Company Assigns a Claims Adjuster To Your Case

The insurance adjuster will go through all of the details of your accident, starting with answering the question of liability and fault. If you accept any degree of fault for the accident, your final settlement will be reduced through comparative negligence, and you may have an increase to your premium. Be sure that you do not accept liability that you are not actually responsible for.

The Adjuster Performs an Investigation

During the investigation, the adjuster will look at all of the statements and documents you submit, will send you requests for additional information, and will ultimately determine an amount to offer you in a settlement. The problem here is that the adjuster is working for the insurance company — not for you — and their main objective is to find as many ways as possible to reduce the amount that ultimately gets paid out. During the claims investigation, your personal injury attorney will go through their own process in order to identify all damages you have suffered and reach their own calculations about what they believe you are rightfully entitled to. 

The Insurance Company Makes a Settlement Offer

Once the investigation is concluded, the adjuster will submit an offer for a one-time payment in exchange for you waiving your rights to any additional legal action stemming from this accident. The problem, you will notice, is that their offer is significantly less than the amount your attorney has calculated, which is why your lawyer will then go through a series of negotiations in order to close the gap between these two figures. 

You Agree To a Settlement Or File a Lawsuit

Depending on how negotiations go, your attorney will either advise you to accept the offer and move on or will file a lawsuit in civil court in order to seek a payment that accurately compensates you for all damages. There are many variables that go into this decision, all of which you will have worked through with your lawyer throughout the claims process.