No-Injury Accident Lawyer

Not all car accidents end with a serious injury. If you’re involved in a collision that left you with no injuries, you could still have a long list of problems. Your vehicle damage might be enough to put you in debt, and your mental health might suffer.

After your incident, you should speak with a no-injury accident lawyer. They will guide you through the insurance claims process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Hipskind & McAninch, LLC has worked with uninjured accident victims and they are ready to assist you.

Why Do You Need a No Injury Accident Lawyer?

No one is fully prepared to deal with a car crash. Between the stress of the accident and the damage done to your vehicle, you could feel lost and confused.

Working with one of the experienced no injury car accident lawyers will reduce your stress. They will walk you through the claims process, which can be challenging. Often, insurance adjusters underestimate the damage done to vehicles. Their first offer for compensation may not be enough to cover the full cost of your repairs. Forced to pay out-of-pocket for the rest of the repairs, you are left with a financial burden.

With a personal injury attorney by your side, you can fight the insurance company. They know when an insurance company is trying to cheat you and will fight for you to receive full compensation. After some negotiating, they can get you the money to which you are entitled.

No Injury Car Accident

Identifying Hidden Injuries

Although you might think you were a victim of a no-injury accident, you could have latent injuries. In some cases, accident victims don’t realize how a crash has affected them until days or weeks after the incident. When you work with an attorney, they will ensure you get checked out by the right doctors and diagnose any potential injuries.

All of the following injuries may not be apparent until days after your crash:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Most accident victims have very little memory of the moment of impact. As a result, some victims are unaware that they hit their head during the crash. They don’t think there’s a possibility of a traumatic brain injury and continue on with their life.

Unfortunately, even a small bump on your head could cause a traumatic brain injury. The symptoms could be easily confused for stress, which you are almost guaranteed to feel after an accident. Generally, it takes days or weeks for the symptoms of a concussion to worsen.

Soft Tissue Injury

During a collision, your body will twist and stretch in unnatural ways. While you might not feel immediate pain after the movement, it could cause damage to your ligaments, muscles, or tendons.

At first, a sprain or tear may only seem like a minor inconvenience. As such, you could choose to delay medical treatment. But this could be a mistake, as your injury is likely to persist over time.

Herniated Disc

You might assume that back pain is common after a car crash. And while many victims do experience back pain, it’s not something you should ignore. The force of the crash could cause a disc to rupture in your back.

At first, you might not notice much pain. But time can change that, and you may find yourself experiencing muscle weakness, severe pain, and other symptoms in the months following your crash.

Psychological Injury

Having no physical injuries does not mean you have no psychological injuries. In fact, approximately 9% of all car crash survivors experience post-traumatic stress disorder. They suffer from flashbacks, angry outbursts, and night terrors.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

In 2016, there were 260 car accidents involving serious injuries in St. Louis. But there were thousands more that only involved vehicle damage. An aggressive attorney will fight to get all accident-related expenses covered by the insurance company. Furthermore, they will point you to doctors who may be able to diagnose any hidden issues caused by your accident.

Hipskind & McAninch, LLC wants to take on your case. Even if you walk away uninjured, call us today.