Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in St. Louis

When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, it could be a struggle to recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay, reaching out to a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney may help overcome their resistance.

Motorcycle riders experience a lot of freedom, but that liberty comes with added danger. Motorcyclists are exposed, which can be exhilarating but unfortunately, that exposure can also have devastating results if they’re involved in an accident.

Injured motorcycle crash accident victims have to seek compensation for their injuries, but the other factors involved in the crash could make that difficult. If you’re struggling to get the full and fair recovery you deserve, reach out for help from a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC. Our attorneys will work diligently to hold the at-fault party liable while you focus on healing and recovery.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St. Louis

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include inattentive or distracted drivers. Road hazards like debris, uneven pavement, and defective motorcycle equipment could also contribute to an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most common types and causes of motorcycle accidents include:

Blind-spot Accidents

Motorcycles are much smaller than your average passenger vehicle, making them harder to spot in traffic. Suppose a driver attempts to change lanes without noticing that a motorcyclist is present. In that case, the vehicle could sideswipe the motorcyclist or force the motorcyclist off the road causing a motorcycle crash.

Left-turn Crashes

Passenger and commercial vehicle drivers turning left at intersections frequently overlook motorcycles approaching the intersection. As a result, motorcycle accidents could also be caused when these vehicles miscalculate their speed and turn in front of approaching motorcycles. In these cases, motorcyclists may not be able to avoid colliding with the driver, and failing to yield the right of way is illegal in Missouri.

Distracted Driving

Distractions are dangerous for all motorists, especially when those distractions lead to motorcycle accidents. Distracted car drivers speaking on their phones, texting, eating, using a navigation system, or just daydreaming have caused many motorcycle crashes.

Road Hazards

Potholes, loose gravel, oil spots, or water running across the road may also cause motorcycle crashes. After such accidents, it is imperative to investigate whether negligent roadway design or maintenance contributed to the accident.

Motorcycle accident victims are exposed to different types of dangers on the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, contact Hipskind & McAninch, LLC for a free consultation to discuss seeking the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

Cars are required to have several safety features like airbags, bumpers, seat belts, and a frame that crumples in vehicle accidents. Motorcycles, however, aren’t afforded the same luxury; therefore, the injuries these accidents may cause to motorcycle riders could be disastrous.

Motorcycles leave riders extremely vulnerable, and even when motorcyclists wear protective gear, these measures may not be enough to save them from injuries. Protective equipment reduces, but doesn’t remove, the risk of seriously devastating or even deadly injuries.

When you’re involved in a motorcycle crash, you may suffer from one or more of the following injuries:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Burn injuries, scrapes, cuts, and lesions
  • Head injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury

Any of these injuries may be enough to entitle you to damages in your motorcycle accident. If you’ve experienced one of these injuries after being involved in a motorcycle crash, contact a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance Companies

It can prove difficult to receive the full settlement you deserve because insurance companies often act with their interests in mind. You could be left with serious injuries and expenses after your accident, but your insurer will likely offer you the minimal amount possible.

Many insurance companies minimize their losses by offering low settlements. In some cases, the insurer could blame you, leaving you with full financial responsibility for your damages.

A St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer can advocate with insurance companies on your behalf and help dispute the insurer’s accusations of fault or negligence.

Missouri Negligence Law

Insurance companies are known for blaming motorcyclists. However, not being prepared to defend your claim in court could mean that your compensation is reduced or dismissed altogether. A motorcycle crash attorney can help you mount a defense against your accusers.

Missouri is a comparative negligence state, which means that the part you play in the accident is important. If you’re found partially responsible for your motorcycle crash, your compensation can be reduced by your percentage of responsibility.

Insurance companies understand that accusations of negligence will significantly harm your claim, and you have to prove you weren’t responsible. Your attorney can examine the evidence in your crash claim and demonstrate who is at fault.

Motorcycle Accident Liability

Proving who is responsible for compensation for the damages in an accident is one of the most important parts of the claims process. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to avoid responsibility without help. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney in St. Louis can use their tools, relationships, knowledge, and skills to identify the at-fault party.

Missouri is an at-fault state meaning the person at fault for the accident is also liable for the expenses. If a negligent driver hits you, they are typically held responsible for your damages. Since motorcycles are vulnerable to road hazards, you might have been injured by a pothole or other dangerous road defect, making the party responsible for those conditions liable for your injuries.

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Compensation

A motorcycle accident could mean expensive costs involved with the recovery. While preparing your claim, it’s imperative to include all of the ways your life has been affected by the accident. This can help when your attorney is determining the total value of your claim.

Your total claim will include both economic and non-economic damages. Your economic damages cover all of your financial expenses, such as medical treatment costs and physical therapy. Be sure to keep detailed notes of your appointments, records, and bills.

Non-economic damages cover the compensation for your mental and emotional pain. However, these types of damages are intangible and can be difficult to quantify.

Frequently Asked Questions about St. Louis Motorcycle Accidents

When you’re involved in a major motorcycle accident, the aftermath could be devastating. Every decision you make after your accident may affect the outcome and your right to compensation. The problems could worsen if the responsible parties refuse to accept liability for your accident. Here are some key questions and suggestions on dealing with your motorcycle crash:

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to get medical help. Once you’re safe, immediately start collecting information. Get the contact information from the other parties involved and from any witnesses to the crash.

Take photos and videos of the location, your injuries, and property damage from multiple angles. Speak concisely about the accident and never admit fault for the collision. Call an experienced motorcycle injury attorney in St. Louis before giving statements to an insurance company if you suffered an injury.

Each claim is different because of all the variables at play. There is no easy way to determine the value of a claim. Still, the amount of money available to motorcycle injury victims depends on the seriousness of their injuries suffered, and the time it will take for them to make a full recovery.

Compensation that a person may receive after a motorcycle accident includes the following:

  • Lost wages may occur if you take time off work to recover and attend doctor’s appointments or rehabilitation appointments. If your injuries are severe, you may be unable to do any paying work at all.
  • Medical bills, especially those resulting from traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, can be very expensive.
  • Medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers and transportation to and from medical appointments and therapy appointments could be included as a part of compensation for the medical costs associated with an accident.
  • Pain and suffering, including both the physical and the mental pain and anguish caused by an accident could also be taken into consideration. The immediate pain and suffering caused by the accident and the long-term suffering that may result is a factor in your claim.
  • Property damage, including damage to the motorcycle, could also be part of compensation after a motorcycle accident. If the bike can be repaired, the costs of repairs and the costs of renting a vehicle in the meantime may be covered by compensation. If the bike was totaled, then the cost of replacing the bike could be compensated for as well.

Anyone injured in an accident can technically file a claim on their own accord. Many experienced legal professionals advise against it because the legal process is not easy. Working alongside motorcycle accident attorneys with a history of protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists could help you recover all of the damages to which you’re entitled.

If you have more questions regarding your potential claim, please call the law offices of Hipskind and McAninch, LLC to schedule your free consultation, discuss your options, and determine the potential value of your claim.

Your motorcycle accident attorney will have experience negotiating with insurance companies. They may be able to collaborate with insurers so that your claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

Your St. Louis accident lawyer can discuss your options with you to determine if you can obtain money quickly for your injuries.

In some cases, it is still possible to obtain compensation from the other driver’s insurance company even if you are partially at fault for the motorcycle accident. Missouri uses a pure comparative negligence standard to determine compensation for injuries from motorcycle accidents.

According to Missouri law, you are entitled to recover compensation based on your degree of fault in the accident. Speak with a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney about the specifics of your accident, and they can explain your legal options for recovery if you are partially at fault.

According to Missouri Revised Statutes section 516.120, anyone injured in an accident must file their civil lawsuit within five years of the date of the accident. Lawsuits against the government must be filed even sooner, so speak with a St. Louis personal injury attorney about filing your claim.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, how important is it to see a doctor?

Motorcycle accidents cause all types of injuries that could leave victims with lifelong disabilities and chronic pain. Many of these injuries, such as soft tissue injuries, or brain injuries may take weeks or months to become apparent. After an accident, consult a motorcycle accident attorney to review your legal rights and discuss your legal options.

Each state and local government is responsible for keeping their roadways safe, and when an obstruction or other objects on those roads cause an accident, the state or local municipality could be held liable for the motorcycle accident.

After an accident, you may not be considering filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit at that moment, but oftentimes the sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the better.

Missouri law requires that all vehicle insurance policies include coverage for uninsured drivers. If the other driver in your accident had only minimal insurance coverage, you might be able to make an underinsured motorist claim.

Your insurance policy can pay for your bodily injury costs not covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance based on what’s outlined in your policy. Your insurance company could dispute this claim or try and convince you to settle for a lesser amount than you need.

This is another reason why it could be helpful to talk with the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC to get a clearer understanding of all your legal options with a free initial consultation.

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