Auto Defect

Getting into any type of car accident is frustrating and dangerous, but it can be made worse when you know that your accident was caused by an auto defect that you had nothing to do with. Vehicle recalls go are announced nearly continuously across the United States, caused by manufacturing or design flaws that the makers of the vehicle either missed during production or failed to test for, and while many of these recalls are for minor issues, certain defects can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Fortunately, you can take your vehicle to an authorized mechanic and have the recalled part replaced at no charge; unfortunately, many of these recalls go into effect after people have been injured by the flaws, and there is no guarantee that you will not be one of those unlucky people. 

Auto Recall

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We offer a free case evaluation and consultation to victims of automotive defects so that we can discuss the specifics of your accident and the extent of your injuries, as well as how we can help you move forward with the compensation you rightfully deserve. Trying to take on an insurance company – especially one representing a major car manufacturer or other multi-national corporation – can be overwhelming, and the defense attorneys that you may have to go up against will be focused on one things: paying you as little as possible to resolve this claim or lawsuit. Nobody should need to go up against them alone.

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Common Auto Defects

The following are just a few examples of the many possible defects that may be encountered in a vehicle. Whether or not the defect responsible for your injuries is mentioned below, contact us as soon as possible to speak with an experienced legal professional for free. No two accidents are alike, and we handle each client’s case with an individual approach to ensure that we cover every detail and fight for every dollar that is owed.

Tire Defects

Your tires are the only thing in contact with the road, which means that they are absolutely essential in getting you and your passengers safely to and from your destination. Faulty designs can lead to blowouts due to poor construction or weak points, and tires may even completely detread when they reach a certain temperature if not designed and built properly. In 2000, Firestone voluntarily recalled over 23 million tires, mostly sold on new Ford vehicles, due to a series of defects that ultimately led to 271 deaths and hundreds of injuries in the United States, and more internationally, due to tread separation that occurred at an alarmingly high rate.

Airbag Defects

Airbags are one of the first lines of defense against serious injuries in car accidents, but they are also responsible for a range of injuries in accidents as well. These injuries are accepted as a tradeoff, since the alternative is to leave the passengers exposed to the hard frame, dashboard, and interior surfaces of the vehicle, and these injuries disproportionately impact children – which is why many vehicles have an airbag shutoff option. However, airbag defects can lead to a number of avoidable injuries, caused by things such as airbag deployment due to routine turbulence on the road or minor impacts, as well as some airbags containing harmful caustic chemicals that can cause serious burns. 

Brake Defects

A vehicle’s braking system is an absolutely essential component of a safe automobile, and drivers must be able to trust that this system will work when necessary. Unfortunately, there have been a number of brake recalls in the past due to issues such as rapid degradation of brake pads, difficulty engaging the brakes, and more. If you have been involved in an accident and you believe that a defect in your brakes was the problem, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you file a consumer complaint and begin to build a case to prove that the manufacturer or installer is liable for the accident, not you.

Seatbelt Defects

Seatbelts, along with airbags, are some of the most important safety features in a vehicle today; however, they, like airbags, are sometimes responsible for additional injuries that are typically less severe than the alternative injuries if the passenger were not buckled in at all. That said, there are a number of seatbelt defects throughout the years that have caused avoidable and additional injuries due to these issues, such as failing to properly restrain a rider during a crash.