Out Of State /On Vacation Slip and Fall Accidents

It is incredibly stressful when you are traveling and become injured while visiting a resort or other tourist destination. When you are injured out of state, you must pay attention to local laws that apply to you. This is why it is an intelligent idea to work with a local attorney in the state you are visiting. Our Illinois attorneys will investigate your case, find evidence to support your claim, and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. With these methods, we are able to obtain fair compensation reflecting how badly you have been injured. Working with our attorneys will also help provide guidance and protect you from the predatory practices of premises liability insurance companies. They often try to settle for far less than your damages are worth. Learn how you can be compensated by scheduling a free consultation with Hipskind and Mcaninch Attorneys now.

Steps You Need To Take

As soon as you have been injured, begin documenting your accident. This proof will be useful because your attorney can use it to negotiate a fair settlement. The first thing you should do once you have been injured is the following:

Seek Medical Care

Do not wait until you arrive home to visit a doctor. Receive medical attention immediately. Doing this as soon as possible will demonstrate your injuries were connected to your accident. You also do not want your injuries to become worse.

Take Plenty Of Pictures

Because you live out of state, it is a good idea to take as many pictures as possible before you leave. Take pictures of your injuries, where you were harmed, and any other relevant items that played a part in your slip and fall accident. 

Notify The Owner 

Tell the owner of the resort, hotel, amusement park, or other premises exactly what happened. They may try to accommodate you, be apologetic, and even may offer a refund. However, do not accept any settlement from them until you speak to an attorney.

Collect Contact Information From Eyewitnesses

Anyone who witnessed your injury can be an important source of information. Collect the contact information from any eyewitnesses. Your attorney can contact them to get a testimony.

Call Your Attorney 

You should work with a slip and fall accident attorney that understands local state laws. They will help you file a settlement claim after an initial investigation. They will also ensure you are thoroughly represented and are not pressured to accept a small lump sum less than you deserve. 

Why You Need A Local Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

The laws in the State of Illinois differ from that of other states. Your Illinois slip and fall accident attorney will already have experience managing these types of cases. They can make sure the person responsible is held accountable according to state law. For example, in Illinois, the statute of limitations is only 2 years unless there are other special circumstances. This 2-year limit begins on the date of your slip and fall accident. Also, the comparative negligence law in Illinois differs from other states. You can only receive compensation for damages if you caused less than 50% of your injuries. If you contributed to 60% of your accident, for example, then you cannot seek compensation at all. Your attorney can protect you throughout the process and prove the other party’s fault. This way, you are not blamed for irrelevant reasons. For example, the other party might say you wore the incorrect footwear, the area you were injured in is not open to visitors, or they had warning signs and cones around the hazard. Allow your attorney to fight for your compensation using tried and trusted methods.

Speak To Out Of State Or Vacation Slip And Fall Attorneys To Learn More

After you have received medical care, you should notify your attorney you are ready to file a settlement claim. They will work with you to negotiate a settlement while you recover from your injuries. You do not need to pay your attorneys until you win a settlement because they receive a contingency fee.  Learn more about the process by calling Hipskind and Mcaninch Attorneys for a free consultation.