St. Louis Spine Injury Lawyer

A spinal injury can leave you hurt or paralyzed and struggling to recover from the suffering you’ve experienced. Contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney for help throughout your spine injury claim.

Most of us don’t think about the little details we’re thankful for until it’s too late. You might not have appreciated your mobility until you suffered a spinal cord injury, and now your fine motor skills or general mobility have been affected.

It’s a difficult position, and it may be one that a careless action put you in. Someone else was negligent with your safety, and now you’re suffering for it. In these cases, you may be eligible for compensation for your St. Louis spine injury.

If you’re struggling to get the compensation you deserve for a spine injury in Missouri, the lawyers at Hipskind & McAninch, LLC can help. Your St. Louis spine injury lawyer can give you the help you need to fight back when the responsible party doesn’t want to pay. When your recovery is on the line, seek out our lawyers for the help you need.

Complete and Incomplete Spinal Injuries

Spine Injuries

When you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury, the effects can be dire. Your injury severity can range, but even a relatively less serious injury can be complex and long-term. Unfortunately, that can affect your health, both physical and emotional.

Spinal injuries fall into two categories: incomplete and complete. These categories indicate how serious the damage to your spinal cord is and what you can do about it.

An incomplete injury means that the spinal cord was not entirely severed. The damage to your spine can still affect your motor function and sensation, but these traits may not be entirely lost. Surgery to take the pressure off your spinal cord may be expensive, but it may also allow you to recover.

A complete injury, however, means that the spinal cord was completely severed during the accident. Often, there’s little a doctor can do to repair these injuries, which leaves the victim without sensation or control below the point of the injury. Typically, you’ll instead attend physical therapy classes and rehabilitation, which will teach you how to deal with this major life change.

Compensation for Your Suffering after a Spine Injury

Once you’ve determined how serious your spinal injury is, it can be difficult to recover. You might be dealing with a lifelong disability now, all because someone else was careless. That can be difficult to deal with, but your compensation should ease that suffering in part.

You’ve suffered from economic and non-economic damages, both of which should be compensated. However, these damages aren’t always easy to calculate. Typically, your economic damages are the bills and expenses for your injury, like the cost of a rehabilitation program, but non-economic damages are more complex.

Non-economic damages cover the intangible damages you’ve experienced because of the accident. For example, the mental anguish that losing the use of parts of your body causes should be compensated. For non-economic damages, though, you may need the help of a St. Louis lawyer and the tools they have to calculate those damages.

If you’ve suffered a spine injury, your STL injury lawyer should ensure that you receive compensation for the damages you’ve suffered, like the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Household accommodations
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The Defense Will Fight Back

Unfortunately, no matter what compensation you’re owed, the defendant will likely fight back. While they may have acted negligently, they may not want to pay the high costs of a spine injury. As such, you and your St. Louis lawyer may need to prepare a strong defense, too.

One of the most common tactics used to take the pressure off is to shift the blame to you. While they may have caused the accident, they may claim you were partly responsible. In Missouri, if you’re found at fault for anything, your claim may be diminished or dismissed completely. As such, you need to fight back if they make these claims.

Seek Out a St. Louis Spinal Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury can be devastating, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. When someone else leaves you suffering, you need a lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC to help. The right attorney for your claim may get you the full compensation you deserve.

If you’re struggling to juggle your recovery and your lawsuit, your St. Louis personal injury lawyer can help with a free consultation. There, we’ll discuss your spinal injury claim and what we can do to help you recover related damages. That way, you know what we can do and what you can expect before we begin.

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