Evidence in Truck Accident Case

When you get into a truck accident, it can be difficult for you to prove that you are not at fault on your own. Even if you have reliable photographs, you may be too inexperienced to deal with the truck company’s insurer, who might pressure you to accept a small settlement. There are many ways to prove liability, but a lot of this evidence you won’t have access to without the help of a truck accident attorney. For example, subpoenas to obtain more information can only be obtained with the help of a lawyer. You can speak to a reliable law firm to help you get the proof you need to receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Call Hipskind & McAninch for a free consultation. Here are common types of evidence in truck accident cases: 

Police Reports

Even though you may have access to the police report, only your attorney can receive the unredacted version of it. The police report may hold a lot of key information to help your attorney prove that you were not at fault. There will be unbiased information provided by the police officer, who may have an opinion about who was at fault and may have issued citations to the driver. 

Drug Test Results

If the police at the scene of the crash believed the driver may have been inebriated, they could request that they take a toxicology or drug test to find out if they were under the influence. As is the case with everyone on the road, it is illegal for truck drivers to operate their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your attorney can later obtain the test results and review them for additional proof. 

Photos Of The Accident

Any photographs you take of the accident scene can be useful, and your attorney’s analysis of them can help decipher who was at fault for the accident. The positioning of the vehicles, the damage to each vehicle, obstructions on the road, and other factors can help provide information on how the accident occurred. Your attorney may even use accident reconstruction experts to help piece together what happened. 

Camera Footage

Truck accident attorneys can get access to traffic camera footage that may have captured the truck accident. They can also obtain footage from nearby surveillance cameras that may have recorded the entire crash. In some cases, truckers have in-cab cameras that record all of their driving activity for insurance purposes. Attorneys can also obtain that footage and review it to see what happened during the crash. 

Truck Black Box

Most trucks have an electronic data storage device called a black box. This black box records the truck’s activity and even its electronic communication while it is on the road. When the truck gets into an accident, the black box can reveal the incline that the truck was at, the speed of the vehicle, and when the truck driver braked. It can also show if the truck driver was sending messages, such as emails, while they were driving. All of this information is paramount to your truck accident claim and can show that the driver was negligent and distracted while driving. 

Eye Witnesses

When there are witnesses present, you should try and get their contact information. In some cases, the police may have interviewed them, so they may be listed in the police report. Your attorney can reach out to eyewitnesses to get their testimony as additional evidence. 

Medical Bills

Your injuries are proof and can be used to prove that you were injured in the truck accident. All of your medical bills will be considered in your truck accident case and are part of the basis for your settlement. This is why you should get medical treatment as soon as you’ve been in a truck accident to show that your wounds were directly caused by the accident. 

Why Is It Better To Work With A Truck Accident Attorney?

Instead of trying to obtain a settlement on your own, you should rely on a knowledgeable truck accident attorney with years of experience in the field. You don’t want to seek a settlement far below the amount you should receive. It is possible that the other party won’t take you seriously and will neglect to respond to your demands. When an attorney gets involved, the other party is more likely to answer and negotiate a settlement. Your attorney can accurately calculate your settlement based on your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

In the case of wrongful death, you’ll need an attorney to help you properly calculate how much compensation you and your family are owed. Did you know that you can include lost earning capacity and loss of companionship in your wrongful death settlement? This is something that the other party’s insurance adjusters may leave out. They may ignore the non-economic damages, even though they make up a significant part of your settlement. Speak to a truck accident attorney first, as they can lift the burden off your shoulders while you are already suffering from serious injuries. Contact Hipskind & McAninch now for a free consultation.