Semi Truck Accident Missouri

Semi-trucks are powerful and large vehicles that can cause disaster and tragic consequences when the driver makes an error. Semi-trucks are heavy and can carry thousands of pounds at any given time, increasing the risk of a fatal accident. If you’ve been in a semi-truck accident that was not your fault, you may be owed compensation. However, it is better to speak to a semi-truck accident lawyer in Missouri who can guide you and investigate your accident

They can review your evidence, find additional proof, and calculate how much your settlement is worth. Their hard work will protect you from making common errors that some semi-truck accident victims make. Find out more about the settlement claim process and how it works by speaking to a reliable and proven Missouri semi-truck accident attorney. Reach out to Hipskind & McAninch for a free consultation. 

Ways That A Semi-Truck Accident Driver Can Be Negligent 

There are many ways that your semi-truck accident attorney can prove that the trucker is liable for your damages. 

Driver Error

A truck driver may have miscalculated and made a mistake that resulted in a catastrophic accident. For example, they may have been speeding. In other cases, there may have been inclement weather, such as heavy rain, that prevented them from seeing you in the next lane over. Errors like these are what make the semi-truck driver at fault for your accident. 


The truck driver could have been drowsy and fatigued at the time of the accident. Truck drivers are required to follow strict FMCSA rules that require them to take regular breaks so that they get enough rest. A truck attorney can acquire the driver’s logs to check if they took the necessary rest periods before the accident. 

Aggressive Driving

In some cases, the semi-trucker may have been too aggressive. They could have been speeding or following too closely vehicles ahead of them. Aggressive drivers are known to ignore traffic signals, change lanes without signaling, and ignore other drivers’ right of way. Your attorney can prove that the truck driver was aggressive by looking at surveillance footage, checking the black box data, and reviewing the trucker’s driving history to see what their driving record looks like. 

Substance Abuse

Although truck drivers regularly get tested, they sometimes get involved in substance abuse while they are traveling long distances. Amphetamines, cocaine, and alcohol are substances that truckers use when on the road. The police at the truck accident can request that the truck driver get tested if they think that they might be intoxicated. Your attorney can later retrieve this information and use this as evidence to prove you should receive compensation.

Other Responsible Parties 

It’s not always the truck driver’s fault. In some cases, the trucking company or the manufacturer that built the truck can be held liable. 

Unbalanced Load

Trucking companies are required to properly load and inspect their vehicles according to Missouri laws. When they fall short of these requirements, this can create dangerous, unbalanced loads. Trucks that are improperly packed can sway on the road, swerve out of control, and flip over because of imbalanced cargo. At high speeds, this can create a semi-truck accident. In this case, the truck driver can’t be held responsible. However, the entity that loaded the truck can be held accountable for the accident. 

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Semi-trucks should undergo regularly scheduled maintenance so that it is at peak performance before getting on the road. When the vehicle isn’t properly maintained, it can begin to malfunction without any warning. For example, the truck may have malfunctioning brakes or faulty steering that cause the truck driver to lose control of their vehicle.

Equipment Failure

It isn’t always the trucking company’s fault because, in some cases, the truck might be defective or have defective parts. When it is a manufacturer’s error, your attorney will have to seek compensation from them instead of the trucking company. This can be proven through an investigation of the semi-truck. Inspectors might discover that a manufacturer’s defect caused the accident. Your attorney can use the inspection report of the semi-truck to fight for your right to receive compensation from the semi-truck manufacturer. 

When Should I Begin My Semi-Truck Accident Claim?

It is better to get started on your semi-truck accident claim as soon as possible rather than waiting a year later. While the evidence is still fresh, get your attorney to investigate your claim. If you haven’t already, get medical treatment so that your injuries can be treated and there is a medical record. Delaying treatment can cause the defendant’s attorneys to claim that your injuries were not too serious. You can also include your medical bills in your settlement.

In addition to medical expenses, your attorney can also calculate your lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and if applicable, property damage that wasn’t covered by your insurer. With the help of a proven semi-truck accident law firm, you can receive the representation you need to obtain the compensation you deserve. For more information, reach out to Hipskind & McAninch for a free consultation.