The Steps to Take Following an Accident

After an accident, the steps to take to preserve your claim can be confusing.  We have outlined the steps to assist you during this difficult time:

Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention immediately if you are injured.  Even if you do not think you are injured, it is always wise to get examined anyway as symptoms may not manifest immediately.  Insurance companies attempt to minimize claims when there is a gap in treatment.  Keep a detailed record of the doctors you visit and the tests performed.

Contact a Lawyer

Contact an attorney who specializes in Personal Injury Law.  The legal system and be daunting and contains many pitfalls.  It is important to have a lawyer navigate you through this complex system.

Do Not Discuss Your Case with Anyone

It is imperative that you do not discuss your case with ANYONE except your lawyer.  You may be pressured into giving recorded statements by the at-fault driver’s insurance company – don’t do it without your lawyer’s permission.  If you voluntarily gave a statement, let your lawyer know immediately.

Track Expenses

Keep a detailed record of all bills and expenses associated with your case.  Save a copy of all bills and expenses and give a copy to your attorney.

Keep Your Lawyer Informed

Keep you lawyer informed of all things associated with your case, i.e., change of address, change in physical condition, doctor appointments, dates of your return to work, etc.

Respond to Your Lawyer’s Questions

It is important that you respond to your lawyer’s questions/inquiries quickly.  When your case is being litigated, there are times when pleadings or documents need to be filed in a timely manner or it may be harmful or hurtful to your case.  Therefore, it is extremely important to respond to your lawyer’s questions or inquiries quickly.

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