What to do if you are rear-ended?

It is widely understood that if you are rear-ended, the person who rear-ended you is at fault.  This is especially the case if you were stopped in traffic, or waiting for a light to change.  However, it is not uncommon for the at fault driver’s insurance company to deny or otherwise dispute your claim.  In which case, you may need to fight for the compensation you deserve.  The following tips can help you make your case better:

  • TAKE PICTURES! This day in age, everyone has a mobile phone that is capable of taking pictures.  Pictures are hard evidence and are compelling.  Not to mention, they can save you from a “he said-she said” event.
  • EXCHANGE INSURANCE INFORMATION. ALWAYS exchange insurance information regardless whether the damage is minor or you believe you are not hurt.  Often times, the damage is more severe than you think.  If you don’t have the other driver’s insurance information, you may end up paying for your vehicle and medical costs out of your own pocket.
  • CALL THE POLICE. As stated above, it is widely understood and accepted that if you rear-end someone you are at fault.  As such, a police report will likely support that widely held belief and reinforce your claim.
  • GET MEDICAL TREATMENT. Almost always, if you are rear-ended, you are going to suffer from some sort of neck or back injury.  If you don’t seek medical attention immediately, the other driver’s insurance company will use it against you to devalue your claim.  Additionally, you do not want to forgo medical treatment only to suffer from debilitating symptoms down the line.

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