Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Belleville

Many employees will experience an accident at work at some point in their life. There were a total of 4.64 million medically consulted injuries in 2019 alone. These injuries most often happen in the construction, warehousing, and transportation industries. However, a workplace accident isn’t limited to those fields alone. They can happen in any business establishment. If you have experienced an injury at work and need to receive compensation, then you should get legal help. 

When you need to file a worker’s compensation claim, you can work with a reliable lawyer who can help you. Contact Hipskind & McAninch, LLC for a free consultation. 

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s compensation states the terms of what happens if a worker is hurt while on the clock. The employee is due to receive benefits based on the injury they sustained. This can include temporary partial disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and permanent total disability benefits. Additionally, they can receive wage reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation, and medical benefits. 

Your employer is liable for all the injuries you have while working at your job. This is whether or not the employer was negligent. The injury, however, has to be related to the work you performed, and there must be an employee-employer relationship. 

What Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Do?

A workers’ compensation attorney will represent you and help you receive your benefits. If you are the employer, they help to reduce the amount of liability you are responsible for. Workers compensation lawyers perform the following job functions:

Collecting Evidence

Your attorney will gather all of the medical records you have and also any other documents provided by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Those documents provide details about the nature of your injury.

Personal Statements and Depositions

The attorney will collect all of the sworn evidence and statements that all involved parties said. This includes the employee, the healthcare practitioners, witnesses, and anyone else. 

Investigation and Discovery

An attorney will use the information they pulled up to discover new aspects of the case that weren’t considered before. They may discover that there was a breach in company policy, that employees weren’t trained correctly, or that some machinery was defective. Whatever the reason for the cause of the injury, they will reveal it. 

Staying Current With Evolving Laws

Your lawyer will keep up to date on the most recent developments in compensation laws. They make sure they are following government and state legislation regarding what benefits are due. 

Paperwork and Filing

The attorney will then begin the process of drafting the motions, opinions, and briefs. This is along with a plethora of other documents necessary for the case. They present the information in a logical way that best suits the case they are trying to prove. 


Lastly, your case will appear before either a mediator or judge in order to reach a verdict. Your attorney will argue in your favor and provide proof that supports the best results for you. 

Worker’s compensation lawyers also provide a variety of skills, such as researching, communication, and analysis. They will typically have trial experience and are educated in litigation processes. They have the ability to multi-task and have very strong negotiation skills. They also have in-depth knowledge about compensation laws. They can provide you guidance and clarify any questions or concerns you have. 

Workers’ Compensations Rights

There are a number of laws that protect your rights if you are injured at work as an employee. For example, you have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim without being fired. The employer can be disciplined for laying you off for this reason. You are allowed to receive medical treatment and any additional benefits you qualify for. If your claim is denied, then you have the opportunity to appeal. You also have the right to have a workers’ compensation attorney represent you. 

What Injuries Are Covered?

Not all injuries will be covered by workers’ comp, but most of them will be. Whether you are at your job location or are at another site, you can still claim workers’ comp because you were injured. However, if you were intoxicated or abusing a substance, this coverage may be denied. If you were committing a crime, then that can prevent you from receiving your benefits. Lastly, if you didn’t obey any of your company’s policies while the injury occurred, this too will prevent you from receiving your workers’ compensation. 

Learn More About Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

You can work with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Belleville, Illinois. These legal professionals can provide you with the advice you need to guide you towards receiving all of your compensation benefits. Call Hipskind & McAninch, LLC for a free consultation.