Rollover Accidents

Unfortunately, rollover accidents are some of the most dangerous and even fatal car accidents. They can occur for a multitude of reasons and cause serious injuries, such as death. It can be a terrifying experience for the driver, passengers, or other drivers who witness the rollover or possibly become involved in it.

Statistics on Rollover Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, excessive speeding is the cause of 40% of rollover accidents. Most rollover accidents occur at speeds of 55 mph or higher. They are more common in rural areas. In almost half of the rollover crashes, alcohol was a contributing factor to the accident.

Roll Over Crash

Why Do Rollover Accidents Happen

One way that these types of accidents occur is through “tripping,” which occurs when the car hits the soil, a curb, or any other obstruction. Because of the forward motion of the car being abruptly changed, the tires are forced to “trip” over it. There are a few types of “trips.”

Tripping On Soft Soil

When traveling on a highway, tripping can occur when a vehicle veers off the road and the driver finds themselves on soft soil. They turn the wheel to compensate for going off the road, but too sharply, which causes the wheel to dig into the soft ground. That then causes the vehicle to turn over that wheel. This is prevented by staying on two-lane highways or being cautious when having to pull over.

Tripping On a Guardrail or Other Structure

When veering off the side of the road, such as a two-way highway, a car can rollover if the front of it hits the guard rail or another type of small structure. This will cause the car to flip over onto the top of the car.


Speeding makes a driver less able to respond to conditions on the road, such as ice or fallen objects. If trying to get around an obstruction or concern on the road while speeding, the sudden jerking of the tires to one direction and the subsequent swerving can cause the vehicle to lose balance and tip over the tires.

Veering Off The Road Into Lower Ground

When a driver veers off the road for any reason, and there is a ditch or a significant drop in the ground, then the car can flip over if the tires closest to the edge lose their grip with the road and slip off.

Poor Vehicle Design

Larger cars such as minivans and SUVs have a high center of gravity. Because of the laws of physics, this makes them more unstable than smaller vehicles, such as compact cars. Thus, they are more likely to roll over, and the risks increase with poor weather conditions.

Off-Road Driving On Steep Hills

It is very important to stay on the roads as often as possible. Participating in off-roading recreational activities comes with the risk of rolling over on steep terrains.

Injuries from a Rollover Accident

These types of accidents are some of the most catastrophic ones, even though they occur rarely compared to other types of accidents. Due to their nature, they can cause spinal cord injuries, broken bones, bruises and lacerations, and head trauma.

Why You Need An Attorney

If you have been injured in a rollover accident, you want a car accident attorney who will work for you to get the compensation you deserve for your medical treatment, loss of wages, and pain and suffering as a result of your rollover accident. Don’t wait, call today.